Child and Family Development

Child and Family Development

We Provide Workshops for Children, Parents and Teachers

“It takes a village to raise a child.” This saying highlights the importance of childhood and the full range of aspects to be considered in a child’s development. School is where children spend more than half their time and is a valuable learning environment to prepare them to lead an independent life in the future. To do that, a child would need to understand and work toward their potential, have a supportive and rewarding social experience, and a sense of well-being. Learning to manage emotions and social relationships, along with practical skills based on psychology that they could apply in daily life would help children develop the capacity to lead an independent, fulfilling life.  

To help your children achieve their full potential, we want to offer you a program that encompasses the following areas in the developmental journey:
  • Social-emotional development
  • Practical life and leadership skills
  • Awareness and nurturing of personal psychology

In addition to offering programs for children, we want to support the people that are an integral part of the community in raising a child – the teachers and the parents. Using the basis of developmental psychology, we want to work with these individuals to help them:

  • Develop soft skills required in working with children
  • Develop self-care to support their mental well-being
  • Improve the retainment of teachers in the workplace

Our Services

Psychological Assessments

Fee is dependent on type of assessment/tools

Parental Coaching

Bespoke private sessions for parents who would like to be equipped with evidence-based parenting tools. 

Sessions can be curated to meet the needs of your family.


Customizable workshops for children, parents, and/or teachers

HRDF claimable for Teacher training. Get connected to find out more!

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What people say about us

Check out our esteemed clients’ testimonials on our services.

Dr Felicia Paul Raj
Assistant Principal of Secondary, Help International School
“Throughout the planning phase, Sybella was thorough in her discussions with us and tailored a programme that was designed specifically for our needs. Her responses were prompt and professional and it was a pleasure working with her. Despite it being a virtual training session, Sybella’s expert use of technology, delivery of content and collaborative activities kept us engaged throughout and she facilitated meaningful and genuine discussions within the team. Thank you Sybella and Thinkint!”
Danika Khong
CEO, Scismic
“Sybella and her team take a very wholesome approach to organizational culture. She’s supported and helped our team understand how we each contribute to our unified mission. She’s facilitated honest, empathetic, and genuine conversations within the team and it has greatly helped us foster a secure environment where each member’s voice is heard and appreciated. Many of the tools Sybella has introduced to us is currently part of our formal employee review and communication processes.”
Jeremy Foo
Brand Lead of YTL CC
“Thinkint has been a big part of our team’s growth especially in the areas of embracing healthy conflict and building mental resilience in the work place. Our sessions are always impactful and memorable! We appreciate the heart and attention to detail that goes into each engagement..”
Tan Suet Wei
Legal Associate, YTL Cement Berhad
“I like how Thinkint showed about the cycle of how to increase loyalty in a team. A leader must have strong mental health to empower the team, together leader and team can be resilient to achieve whatever missions that have been assigned.”

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