Me & My Personality Series:
I am Intan, I am Ethan

This 2-in-1 book, with a parental guide, is based on the Big 5 Personality framework, which focuses on two common traits- Introversion and Extraversion, characterized by Intan and Ethan respectively. The two stories aim to develop empathy, from a young age, based on the characters’ discovery of their unique personality traits to form a better understanding of individual differences with guidance and support from their parents.

RM50 per copy (not inclusive of shipping)
Bulk discount available for orders of 5 copies or more.

Growing Up Human

Have you ever looked at a baby and wondered how this tiny, innocent being will grow into a much more complex person? Why do our world views change as we grow older? Do our genes influence the way we think, act and behave? Or is it our environment that nurtures us to become who we are? Scientists believe that it is a combination of both nature and nurture. From a developmental psychology viewpoint, we learn from social interactions which shape our unique character, perspectives, values, and belief system.

We hope that this book will help you understand how to learn, grow, and overcome the developmental challenges of your life stage—no matter which ones they may be—and reach your full potential. Suggestions and tips have been peppered throughout the book, as well as some of our own personal experiences as caregivers, along with case-studies from our respective roles as play and family therapists.

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