DASS-21 Test Results

Thank you for completing the assessment. You are one step closer to understanding your psychological profile. Based on the DASS-21 screening tool that you have completed, your results seem to suggest that your levels of distress in the following categories are:







Scoring Guide

Level of DistressDepressionAnxietyStress
Normal0 – 90 – 70 – 14
Mild10 – 138 – 915 – 18
Moderate14 – 2010 – 1419 – 25
Severe21 – 2715 – 1926 – 33
Extremely Severe28+20+34+

Reminder: This tool is not meant to be used as a diagnostic measure. To explore the significance of your results and craft an individualized mental health plan, please make an appointment with any of our mental health professionals.                

The next step in understanding your psychological profile: 

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